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A - Abundance for All

only way

The pathway to true and lasting well-being comes when we realize that we are all ONE.

When we pour out our gifts like water for a thirsty world, we actually find more joy than when others pour their gifts upon us.

One for All.  There is only one way that creates abundance.  The one way is seeking after "abundance for ALL", not "abundance for me."  The message of joy is fullfilled when we find alignment with our assignment: abundance for all.

line-rightPrinciple in Practice: 

ALL for ONE for All

In our culture we have been taught that the only way to succeed is to "crush the competition" and "grab the brass ring."  As it turns out, not one person ever found happiness and well-being by following that path.

In practice this means contributing to the whole, adding to the pool of assets, bringing what you have to the storehouse for others to enjoy.

EXAMPLE: If you have a camera that you use once or twice a year, and someone else has a weed-wacker that you would like to use.  Wouldn't it be interesting if you could both add your assets to the storehouse?  If everyone gives everything they have, then everyone HAS access to everything they need.  Bring it back for others to enjoy.  Why? Because each member begins to realize the power of oneness, pooling assets, and can visually see as each new item is added .... a tractor .... a wheat grinder .... a hand-crafted sweater .... a hand-made toy for a child that the wealth of every member expands with each item that is offered.


What is one thing you might like to find at the storehouse?

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