12 Principles

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Economy for Well-Being

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Study the Principles

0- Awakening - Windows of Heaven Locked, The Empty Storehouse, Abundance System Interrupted

1 - Abundance Factor - The Master Lock, Humility, Creation, Faith, Gratitude, Love for God,

2 - Brother's Keeper - The Master Key, Hope, Forgiveness, Love for Fellow Beings, The Golden Rule,

3 - Connection - Charity, Gather, Build and Share, Gifting

4 - Divine Direction - Pathway to Joy: Accountability and Responsibility

5 - Equalizer - Complete Joy, The Full Storehouse, Service to All, Open Source, Synthesis, Reciprocity

6 - Family of Man! - The Divine Hive, United Wealth

7 - Giving: The Divine Feminine  - Nurture, Nature, Artistic Creations, the Womb

8 - Happiness: The Divine Masculine - Structure, Organization, Constitution, the Loom

9 - Interdependence - Complex Equanomics, Many Storehouses Connected

10 - Joined in Joy - Higher Zero Point, Higher Dimensions, Greater Possibilities

11 - Kids are the Future! - New Birth, Next Generation, Ascension, Greater Awakening

12 - Life is a Labor of Love - Universal Cooperation, Love, Light and Life, Endless Ascension

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