Principle 4: FOUR PILLARS

D - Divine Direction

When people enroll and begin to experience a fully functional new economy that doesn't require money to enjoy its fruits, they will not be able to stop talking about it.  Principle 1, 2 and 3 will set the stage for Principle 4: Divine Direction- The Academy - A place where our new mindset is established and our life purpose is discovered, developed and nurtured.


Principle in Practice:

Pathway to Joy: Accountability and Responsibility

The Academy - A place where our new mindset is established and our life purpose is discovered, developed and nurtured.

Our plan offers incentives for each member to enroll as a student in the academy of Equanomics which will be the requirement to join the storehouse/treasury.  

Yes, we hope to eliminate the need for money someday.  We are also forming a rich and vibrant economy that doesn't use money.  Principles 1, 2, and 3 only offer trade, barter, time banking and gifting.  No money is required for these 3 in practice.  

Our 4th principle is designed to achieve two important goals at the same time:

1- to educate and inspire a new economic system.

2- to generate money into the system.  


Teaching is the perfect profession to use as the money-producing phase of the plan because classes lay the foundation of the entire program, yet they have no material costs or overhead.  A gifted teacher can easily conduct a class with nothing but a PowerPoint presentation and a lot of heart.

For this reason the way that we put Principle 4 into Practice is to create an academy of gifted teachers who will help us all change our mindset.  The academy will be used as the money-generating portion of the Equanomic System. 

ENROLL: Gather teachers and students and begin to teach the new concepts of EQUANOMICS.  We all know that before we can practice anything on a professional level we must first learn the skills. Equanomics is not an easy concept to grasp for those of us who have been trained by a completely opposing economic system. Create an academy that will provide a source of education and income for everyone involved.

EDUCATE: Once the teachers have been enlisted, it's time to enroll students!  Teachers must play the role of "the gatherer."  They must find new and exciting ways to reach out online and in their local area.  They must narrow the focus of their search to those few who are ready for a whole new way of doing business.  Every teacher in the Equanomics Academy will offer an overview for free in hopes that those that attend will pay to take their classes, their courses or their services.


Learn: Because we live in a world that uses money for every exchange, we believe it is important to have at least one of our principles bring in much-needed funds into each members pocket.  We must provide our members with something to sell in exchange for money.  Then we must provide exciting incentives that really work to bring in that additional income. The requirement to become a member of a community and have access to the storehouse/treasury is to enroll as a student in the academy.  Once enrolled, you have access to enroll in workshops, think tanks, retreats, etc. 

Earn: An additional incentive is to become a mentor and earn a small amount of money for each person who you bring in.  If you have the gift of sales and marketing, or you have a large following already established, this earning can be substantial. 

What is your favorite part about the Academy concept?

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