line-leftPrinciple 5: ELEVATE!

Add the torus to the center.

"The Equalizer" is the storehouse / treasury.  

Replace competition, debt and control with cooperation, love and equality. 


Principle in Practice: 


Complete Joy

Service to All

Open Source



As students and teachers learn and earn together, they begin to see the power of oneness.  

They want to experiences the energetic torus that makes sure that everyone has more than enough.

Everyone contributes more and more to the storehouse as they see the truth of expanding wealth for everyone involved.

The student soon becomes the teacher.

Businesses contribute both goods and money to the storehouse/treasury.  

The treasury replaces the banking system with an overflowing source of funding that each business needs to survive and thrive.  

The treasury is owned and operated by its members with a transparent decision-making style.  

A portion of these funds will be used to build communities from the ground up.

How does the storehouse create an energetic torus?

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