Principle 6: The Devine Hive



F - Free!

A community of cooperation.

The barn raising mentality:

If everyone contributes their labor, their expertise, their assets and all they have, they are set free from paying bills and being "bread winners."  All we need will be provided by all for all.  Like a beehive, every individual will work together to make the community overflow with "honey" or in this case, "money."

Like an open-source software has an endless number of contributors, the Equanomic economy is built by all who choose to contribute.  They each contribute what they know, what they have, and what they can envision.  This is already happening all over the internet.  The only difference is the organization of the flow of energy into a torus that flows out from you and comes back to you in the form of anything you need.  Nothing is impossible to us when we agree on a vision.


Principle in Practice:


The Divine Hive

United Wealth

Once the like-minded community has been formed online, then in local gatherings, the academy has had time to shape and mold a new mindset, the four pillars have been implemented and  the storehouse is full, members as well as on-lookers can see a vibrant, fully functional new economy.  Like the torus, this new economy is flowing with money for everyone, the next step is to begin planning, designing and implementing the building of an intentional community eco-city with an Equanomic economy.  All things in the community will be offered free of charge because all things will be offered by you and me in exchange for the opportunity to live an all-expense-paid life.

Building a community will require those with specific certifications and building expertise.  We must gather eco-city designers, architechs, engineers, builders, permaculture designers, and all the experts it will take to build from the ground up.  

We can gather the unemployed and under employed to lend a hand.  Every expert and skilled laborer will offer their services in exchange for the opportunity to live in our community.  This is their contribution to the torus economy.


How would you help to build a community from the ground up?

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