Principle 8: 


Energy Torus Man

H - Holistic Happiness

Provider / Protector: 
Cares for the Well-being of his loved ones.

Productivity; plant the seed in the earth.
The seed of ingenuity.
Infinite = Endless possibilities.

What if all fathers felt that same commitment to provide and protect all God's children all over the world?  His ingenuity throughout the day would then begin to include providing for all rather than just a few.  He would never allow all of his sons around the earth to fight in wars against each other.  He would instead teach them to follow his example of protecting all those who are in danger or oppressed.

Those who protect like a father will receive peace on earth!


Practice 8

BUILD From the ground up

The Loom

We must learn the father's commitment to providing and protecting those he loves.  He stands in harms way to protect his family.   He uses every ounce of his strength to make sure that each one in his care has enough.  He teaches by example the law of giving and receiving.  All he wants is his family to be healthy and happy.

If we open our circle of compassion to include all God's children, then we will design and build a community that provides for everyone without prejudice or favoritism.  We will make sure everyone has what they need to survive and thrive.  In so doing, each individual will become the highest version of themselves.  The natural ripple affect that follows is the highest version of the community, the country... the world.

Find locations, find materials, find experts, find laborers.  

Start building with the barn raising mentality that was developed in Principle 6.  

Design with the nurturing instincts of Principle 7.

Build with the providing and protecting instincts of Principle 8. 


Is it possible for you to care about the happiness of everyone?

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