Equanomics is the fusing of two words “equal” and “economics.  We base our economic model on “E.Q.” which is the measurement of emotional intelligence. 

The economy today is based upon “I.Q.” and ruled by those who have been educated by a system that values I.Q. far above E.Q.  However studies show that people with higher E.Q. out-perform those with high I.Q. about 80% of the time. 

In an I.Q. based economy you hear phrases like, “It’s nothing personal.  It’s just business.” Another common phrase is in order to be successful you must “crush the competition.”  These are examples of high I.Q. that have brought our world to the state of poverty, war and confusion in which we now find ourselves. 

Equanomics approaches economics with E.Q.  In this model you will hear phrases like “working together” and “common good.” 

The Ubuntu Political Party is a living example of equanomics leaving all party division and competition behind to create a third and more emotionally intelligent platform with well-being as the bottom line.  Not just my well-being or your well-being, but global well-being. 



Balance, Synergy and Synthesis

of Sacred Economics and United Prosperity

America was founded on the hope of creating the plan for
“life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Many of my fellow Americans have more often replaced that dream with "life, liberty and the pursuit of money."

Is there another way to interact on planet earth?
I believe there is.

Wealthy people often misunderstand that they may have been "blessed" with large sums of money to benefit others who have not been blessed in this way. This is the most basic concept of the "conscious" spiritual person. If we take our blessings and gobble up the profits, we have lost sight of what the enlightened masters taught. Jesus said "what you do for the least of my brothers and sisters, you do unto me." The reverse of that is sobering. "What you choose not to do for the least of my brothers and sisters, you choose to withhold from me." Read Matthew chapter 25. Today's believer is more apt to spout the man-made philosophy that, "God helps those who help themselves," a quote that is not found anywhere in any scripture-- or even implied. Do you remember when God asked Cain where his brother was? Cain selfishly replied, "Am I my brother's keeper?" The correct answer in God's economy is, "yes, you are your brother's keeper." The entire Bible has this one theme.

"Sacred Commerce" sounds like something you might find in a church, yet people

Oneness is Powerare leaving the churches to find the true principles of God elsewhere. Why is God not found in the churches that claim to represent God? This one attitude alone, "Am I my brother's keeper?" separates the truth from a lie.

Today's churches are full of believers who have been taught by the doctrines of men, not God. For this reason they have largely failed their own committed congregation as well as those they should have been serving in the community. They have separated "church" and "finances". They believe that their only requirement on planet earth is to "take care of number one."

We are taught by well-meaning parents and mentors that our life's energy is to be aimed at this one goal FIRST, if we want to be responsible, up-standing citizens. If and when this task is completed, THEN we have the right and privilege of thinking of the needs of others. But is this what the masters have taught?

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things, (food, clothing, shelter) will be added unto you." Matthew 6:33

"Bring all the tithes into the storehouse that there may be meat in mine house." Malachi 3:10

The whole idea of a tithe was to bring your "first fruits" to the storehouse. Not to the bank accounts of churches who use it to pay their own bills. This storehouse was to be full of food to make sure that there was abundance for all. God promised Malachi that if they would bring the first and best of the things they produce to the storehouse, there would not be enough room in the storehouse to contain it all. It would be more than they would be able to receive. This is a small price to pay for abundance for all.

If you make dresses, and you have the materials to make 10 dresses, the tithe idea is to bring one of those beautifully hand-crafted dresses to the storehouse. While you are there, freely take what you need. So you drop off one of your beautiful dresses and pick up more material to make more dresses. Earlier that day the cloth maker dropped off that bolt lovely, hand-spun, colorful fabric and took the loom that she needed to make a new kind of cloth she hasn't tried before. The loom was designed by an innovative machinist that had the cloth-maker in mind as he dropped off the loom and picked up a few tools for the next project he has in mind for the furniture maker. The baker comes later in the day to pick up the freshly ground flour from the miller to make the fresh bread that he bakes in the early hours of the morning the next day.  It all about an "equal exchange of energy".  Everyone gives their best and everyone gets what they need.

What was your tithe supposed to be used for? To create an economy that creates abundance for all. Equanomics not economics. What is the tithe money spent on in reality? Building church buildings? Putting new carpet in the foyer of the sanctuary? Building temples? Beautifying the temple grounds? Buying the pastor a new car? or a used car? Flying the church president to and fro around the country? Investing in missionary efforts to build up the numbers of the congregation? Is it for sound equipment or video equipment to televise the big "show" on Sunday mornings? Is it for the printing of pamphlets or handouts to give to each attendee so that have the churches contact information and the address where to send your tithes and offerings?

Spending tithes on the "operations" of the local church gives the indication that the purpose of the tithe is to support and the church and its leaders. This has never been true and you will not find this doctrine in any teachings found in the Bible or any other scripture on earth. Tithes are, and will always be, intended to create abundance for all. If church leaders were living as their own scriptures taught, our church leaders would be doing something completely different with the funds they collect.

To restore our faith in the church and in America we must gather and unite as a powerful group of humanitarians who will not tolerate poverty and inequality for ANYONE. We can no longer continue to be a self-satisfying or self-focused people living a lifestyle that creates the mounting problem of poverty that requires endless social programs. We must reach for the next level up from "free enterprise" to create a lifestyle based upon interdependence , cooperation and equanomics. If we capitalists suppose ourselves to be successful while our "neighbors" go without, whether they live in other neighborhoods or other countries , we have a God that is far different than the God of the Bible that we Americans say we trust.

We need higher goals that include the well-being of every human on earth. We need to better clarify the original concept of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" by adding the words: "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in ABUNDANCE FOR ALL".


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