line-leftZero point: Creation


A - Awakening

Emptiness, the vacuum,
the catalyst of Awakening.

The forgotten number. Zero point, the creation point is the germination of empowerment. Creation is the point where everything is provided for realization of every possibility.  

The "vector equilibrium" is the blueprint that nature uses to create life and form energy into matter in balanced synthesis of energy flow.  In this same way economic equilibrium is possible for all people.  When an empty space is created by losing something or someone, the universe takes the opportunity to fill emptiness with new possibilities if you want them.

The fatal blow to ego leaves an empty space to fill.

Some call it the "dark night of the soul" that somehow brings clarity and a whole new perspective.  We call it "survival mode" when you have sustained losses, encountered rejection, stood alone against the storms.  Equanomics is a concept that we may not have been open to without the painful emptiness we have experienced in the present economy.



Windows of Heaven Locked
The Empty Storehouse
The Unified Field
Abundance System Interrupted

We start with an empty storehouse, an online offering of the things we have to share.  It might look something like Amazon, but when you take a closer look you realize that there are no prices listed next to the items.  These are items offered to you free of charge.  This empty space will have to be filled according to the laws of nature and attraction.

In today's economy we take but never give.  We grab before someone else does.  We quickly reach for our piece of the pie because we know that there are not enough slices of pie to go around.

With Equanomics we learn by experience that giving creates a torus, and the flow of the torus starts from inside of you.  You must first pour out before the flow can return back to you.  This is a very scary concept for those of us who have experienced the emptiness of today's economy.  How can we trust that anything will come back to us if we are the first to give?  We can't.  So we must have a new motivation that moves beyond the question, "What's in it for me?" Instead we have to ask, "What do I have to offer this torus?" or "What can I do to make this beautiful concept become a reality?"


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